Our impressive fully-equipped commercial Kitchen and Bar area is a caterer’s dream. With plenty of space to move around, great bench areas and separate bar area with its own facilities helping immensely with traffic flow, is so easy to work in. There are also three serving windows, all with shutters, making serving easy, as well as ensuring privacy to both guests and catering staff.

Other kitchen and bar features include:

  • Easy access with separate entranceways for stress-less loading and unloading.
  • Huge walk-in Cool Room
  • Large commercial gas oven
  • Commercial dishwasher in the Kitchen
  • Separate glasses dishwasher and freezer in the Bar area
  • Multiple stainless steel work benches
  • Large separate storeroom
  • Two serving windows leading in to the Main Hall and one serving window into the Foyer – all with shutters.
  • Easy to clean with all the cleaning facilities right there at your fingertips


Kitchen & Bar Facilities

Tables & Seating




Chef Brett compliments of Smart Brown Catering.